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so the story begins.

I find a music video my a cool Jewish folk band from London called Yesterdays Mistakes by Oi Va Voi on MTV Italy 13east

I buy the second album by Oi Va Voi. I buy KT Tunstall album ‘Acoustic Extravaganza’, I learn that they played together.

I hear Cora Venus Lunny on RTE radio 1 play a song I really like but I don’t ID.

I set up Eleanor McEvoy in Myspace and Sophie Solomon befriends Eleanor

I befriend Sophie

Learn that Sophie Solomon played with Oi Va Voi and find she wrote the song I heard on radio 1. The song was ‘A Light That Never Dies’ (spoken by Ralph Fiennes)

I buy Sophie’s Album ‘Poison Sweet Madeira’ – (Eleanor has a song called Sophie but thats not in this story)

KT Tunstall sings Lazarus on ‘Poison Sweet Madeira’

Much later, like last week I learn from wikipedia that more than just play occasionally with Oi Va Voi, Sophie Solomon was a founding member.

I get a CD from the library Rough Trade Counter Culture 05 – matthew herbert – ‘celebrrity’ it sticks in my head. I blog matthew herbert ‘the audience’ here last night. Matthew Herbert remixed Oi Va Voi’s refugee single.

While searching for a Oi Va Voi remix of yesterdays mistake (which i have yet to find but was once on their Myspace) I find Solomon & Socalled’s HipHopKhasene and buy the 2003 album.

this happens all the time, but its rare I can remember the moves to solve the cube, like I can to this music’s DNA. Musicians BE PROMISCUOUS, share you talents around, experiment and giv’uz an interview for my podcast before you are famous.

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