Twitter Updates for 2007-08-20

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  • @conoro Engine Alley: I dealt with Brian mostly in 1995, Canice was in his dressing up phase. the line up was 2xKenealy 1xByrne 1xO’Byrne #
  • tuned to Radio Gagarin ‘Pirate Radio from the Eastern Reaches’ oi va voi podcast (from V2 records?) feed #
  • if the devil has the best tunes why can’t i find them on iTunes #
  • forgive me iTunes I have sinned against you; you have the tunes but your search sucks. I found this via #
  • Heading to doop city office first times in ages #
  • in duffys malahide 4 dinner before branch meeting the SP never sleeps or take hols #
  • Pilger ITV1 watching #
  • @deekdeekster internationale #

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