When Irish Eyes are Smiling: RTÉ goes ‘Live’ Online

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rte is to stream many of its news & current affairs programmes live to the world and to Ireland from tomorrow (St. Patrick’s Day 17/03/2007). see rte.ie/live

press release

Múirne Laffan, Executive Director of RTÉ Publishing, said of the new service:

“This is a very exciting development for RTÉ. We built a system in-house, using the most innovative technology to give the best service possible to our existing users. Our aim is also to reach new audiences. RTÉ.ie now has the highest user base of any Irish website. We believe that delivering RTÉ News live throughout the world will grow this even further”.

adverts are blacked out, and house ads could be put in here unless thats not allowed. I think the service could be complimented with 24/7 rolling news, 24 hrs a day and 7 minute loop like Sky News & BBC24. to fill the gaps between the live news slots. With RTÉ International due this year its a big year for the Irish broadcaster, earlier today we reported the the LW 252 was to get DRM enabled in the next 10 days.

Im watching it on 2048/256 ADSL in Dublin and both windows media & real media formats had some issues on the eve of live watching eircom soccer. But in the main its nice to see 16:9 as i live in bunny’s ears land of FTA where RTE digital has yet to provide a service, but my freeview box has just become FREE and will be in Dublin on Tuesday (thanks liz). While I watch this i think a tight RSS feed to a youtube like service would be a decent service in this day and age. Perhaps if the iPlayer from Auntie BBC is EBU usable then RTE eyes would really be smiling online.