vodafone hit by viral spam [update]

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5 days after the first signs of the vodafone viral spam a statement from vodafone, [link to statement] [coverage on silicon republic] what the statement did not say was “this is a small outbreak!”, i am not a journo, but I think I know how this works, someone from a PR gaurdian agency working for voda will track this in google and clip it…. please answer this, how big is it, based on data available?

i am bit surprised that the only thing to do is contact 50005. this is on their network… in their name…. if it claimed their masts were killing kids would they stop it! its fraud.,… by persons unknown where they benefit in revenue, based on stats from 50005 forwards they could donate a calculated revenue to a charity as they can not return the funds to individuals… CSR in realtime where is it…