Twitter Updates for 2007-08-28

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  • @redmum seen on news at one behind gilmore and run out of shot #
  • RTE weather at 1pm makes big fuss over Aertel 888 subtitles. RTE DTT signal in Dublin has no teletext and the analog is too poor for text #
  • listening to Guardian Unlimited Media talk Podcast at the Edinburgh TV festival – no link love – tuned in via netvibes ‘RSS heaven’ reader #
  • my 97D car will cost €884 to fix – i sold my first Renault for 800! labour cost €96p/h makes my hour rate seem good #
  • @eam0 Peig Sayers 2.0 nach a #
  • deleting 1010 txtweets of xda; great for storage, lacks delete all function #
  • @eirepreneur alas the elite RTE will not be fta digi sat. we struggle on. #
  • @eirepreneur €80 or €100 kit from lidl ? #
  • @parkylondon see you Caturday; i fly @ 6.30am am i mad? #
  • @opera never mind mini 4 beta on 30/08 get us up off 8.65 windows mobile which dont do java well #
  • lidl watchm @ 80 euro the full kit is now 20euro less than camping kit or old full kit; not a dx tool i use pci card & motor 1M for that #

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