Twitter Updates for 2007-08-16

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  • radar love now as a real ani gif. i like gifsicle on unix, also 4 lines of shell does a lot #
  • firing up Gtalk as Skype is down over an hour, #
  • dead sales: kurt cobain sold more than elvis in posthumous sales, source Mrs Greene & forbes #
  • skype announcement now wheres the PSTN, fek no, like die hard 4, wheres the CB radio. I was on CB radio last night! CQ DX #
  • listening to KLIF 570 from Dallas, a network with Fox Weather (it must be true) and that syndicates Bill O’Reilly has to be fun. #
  • @LiveEarth070707 by switching off the digibox at night you stop 14-18volts going to each of 1-4 LNBs (applies to FTA boxes also) #
  • KLIF 570 2min programme block 6min ad break (well thats what it seems) ads by on air talent, link them self to product endorsement #
  • @dojodub loving the workers playtime new blog skin – if your not careful your employer will think you can design! #
  • I want an update from anyone who bought an Internet Radio in ALDI today for 99 quid! 5000 radio stations!!!! wifi to BB in a box #
  • missed this, I was in the paper last week. #
  • my mother showed me this. the death notices section is ‘deadly’ no need to buy the indo times herald #
  • @conorpower where was the ‘i’m opening my results now’ tweet? #
  • why are all my pics and logos looking crap in Jaiku? where the hell in Skype today. sort it. #
  • why do the under 30’s type with CAPS ON ALL THE TIME ! #

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