Twitter Updates for 2007-08-11

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  • @topgold Noel Dempsey needs a white cane. They sold it. FULL STOP. #
  • Facebook radio1 rte now with alex french #
  • we get a green bin from the council for paper tin & tetra. its collected once a month we fill it in 8 days. we are not waste producers w … #
  • when I was a lad in school we learned knitting & sewing. class size 44. Nowadays Class size 29, & there is no time for knitting & sewing #
  • listening to Digital Planet via – talking about wiki mania #
  • @eirepreneur is that grazr flickr app down? #
  • @radiomustgo now spinning tunes into twittervision! 20xTxt an hour is overkill but seeing Hondarribbia Spain (Our Studio) on tvision is cool #
  • @topgold its the quality not the quantity thats why I stay subbed to @TomRaftery and @Scobleizer 2 ends of the volume debate both high q … #
  • @topgold also @conn says few tweets but when he does it meanz something, its the MTV equation, ‘eMpTy Vessels make most noise’ ©bhg™ #
  • twas mad to see the premiership and lower divisions live on twitter vision.. 🙂 now if only twitter vision would filter,,, & suggest. #
  • @lexia @topgold mmbhg aka briangreene is following Lexia; i’m getting 40 tweets an hr and setting the sms tone to silent coz of @radiomustgo #

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