Stick it to the politicians

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John Gormley TD Minister for Environment is rethinking the sweetie deal Dick Roche TD gave the chewing gum industry. The fact remains that chewing gum causes the chewing gum problem but having seen a pack of chewing gum discarded on the ground as litter I can’t help but agree that in order for the gum to become the pavement sticking litter we must chew it, masticate it to make it sticky. So humans who chew & drop are also to blame. They can pay more for the item by allow a tax on it or they can cop on and discard it carefully. BTW cigarette end discards are greater in number as littering offences than gum drops.

Bournemouth Council UK came up with a novel idea, chewing gum boards. Taking that one step further with the agreement of object of peoples disgust ‘the politicians’ at large; chewers could be influenced to stick their gum on the face of a cause celeb politico

While on the subject of politics 400 meters north of the old Tayto factory on the Malahide road is a Left Wing Govt. No Thanks – PD election poster – FINE THEM DCC!

Eamon Ryan’s website is a tad outa date. He is a minister now not a mere spokesperson.

Perhaps they could recycle the election posters by bye law, gum sticking prohibited for 10 days prior to election, rest of the time the boards are for gum. This is how it is done on the continent, election fly posting is sanctioned on special boards.

japan france netherlands in china its one party one poster and look at the capitalists swarm that growth problem.