Twitter Updates for 2007-08-09

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  • listening to fianna fail TD’s & councillors crying over shannon. FF sold aer lingus. full stop. #
  • for my sins I must write a review of Sicko for the party paper. how many parties have papers nowadays? we sell on doorsteps on stalls online #
  • listening to BBC pirate radio essex while trying to get some work done, house is quite as they all went to Bray sea world @ 11am no sing yet #
  • looking at a preview of the next site 4th in 7 years… looking good.. release any day now., #
  • new blog post: doop’s first client in $17.75 million funding #
  • Old English League Division 3: Leeds United -15;done in the voice of James Alexander Gordon;business eats football Leeds get sick 1919 again #
  • "they dropped the bomb in ’45 to end the world war" Fat Man dropped on Nagasaki 09/08/1945 #
  • learning that Loe Laporte was Dev Null on ‘the site’ on msnbc. I used to get that show on Dublin cable in ’96. things i don’t know amaze me #

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