Twitter Updates for 2007-07-15

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  • last time neighbours had a noisy party I plugged in a 1KW amp and 8.45am and played ‘bat out of hell’ at about 500W 🙂 #
  • Fell asleep listening 2 guardian media talk. Woke up to daddy daddy daddy. Off 2 breakie and 27mhz to hear how jesus will save us! Not! #
  • had not seen this B4; google blog search in the blogger UI #
  • added 4 lines of twitter code to for an extra special alert. it posts from my (not so) secret twiter account which I monitor. #
  • server load average: 0.31, 15.20, 55.84 – fecking blogger atom spec again had a perl script looping,,, ok thats it Google Ajax feed API only #
  • @redmum try if UR flying see @sinead the pink skies are not for Shepard’s its capitalism’s pollution #
  • just hacked (small h) the CSS for FeedControl Google Ajax API see CSS of this page and this pages API call #
  • reading PWC’s Tech Forecast 2001/3 of April’01 called mobile internet – unleashing the power of wireless – we’re not there yet kids… #

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