Twitter Updates for 2007-06-25

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  • thinking: email is the IT workers worst nightmare when it comes to days off and return days and productivity.. tweets/txts aren’t like that. #
  • looking for non spam: spam like good whiskey is multi filtered, just the more the filters the more zones to look for the false positives #
  • BBCtech on twitter just told be the space shuttle just landed. that was SO last week. like ryanair it landed miles from where they wanted #
  • where is user generated loyalty? people are flitting from 1 web2 experience 2 another;like kids is a funfair;mind of a toy #
  • trying to use shoutcast as an overspill for a busy real media server for this weeks bloodstock auction. my ISP are opening ports as i tweet #
  • BBC: SN’s have class divide. bhg says Class is not $€X¥ or EDU based but your relationship to means of production #
  • streaming podcasts to test a shoutcast forThursdays auction reception reports on players to brian at #
  • @dojodub I want to know if you can hear podcasts streamed to the TV via your dreamcast dvb eth box #
  • 3 new members of the podrepbod list today! podcamp talk to blame! #
  • @topgold cheers BFG @conn AVGfree from #

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