Twitter Updates for 2007-06-24

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  • @conn my sunburn came up bad, 1 inch of rain & i get burnt ONLY in ireland. It was a great day 4 podcast in the park #
  • 2/5 of family down with chickenpox i have got a sub in 4 my radio interview @ 12 + the party in the U2 hotel was a job too many yesterday #
  • 11620mhz V 27500 fec 2/3 on 28East ID 50867 irish farming loop #
  • @tomraftery im looking for RTE International, i should have posted as @clarkes_belt #
  • Up the subs, i mean dubs #
  • I see a deputy Beverley Flynn TD lookalike is the new new labour deputy leader #
  • Watching Shami Chakrabarti on BBC1NI #

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