Trócaire box design

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Trócaire box has arrived. it will sit as a set top box above the CRT sony TV for the next 6 weeks. Its pink & white which should get it noticed. Amina Francisco is pictured on the front of the box, she is ten weeks old & from Malawi.

[wikipedia says] Life expectancy in Malawi is now as low as 36.5 years, five years lower than it was 50 years ago. This drop is due to the population’s impoverishment, which is constituted by many factors, including:

  • insufficient nutrition
  • poor access to medical treatment
  • low income (the mean per capita income in Malawi is less than $1 per day)
  • insufficient school education
  • spread of HIV/AIDS
  • government economic restrictions

the box itself is of poor design as the cardboard label is too large for its slot and too weak for repeated attempts to force it into the all too narrow slot. The box’s sprung bottom is leaking 20c with ease. and the slot to donate through is way larger than years gone by.

has the Trócaire box out lived it usefulness as a collection box for our devalued  euro coins? is it now more a card board advert to drive us to or to make more substantial donations via the call save 1850 408 408. as of now more than a $1 a day is falling out of this box..

Categorized as world news