the irish sun

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irish sun editorial 16/march/2007 “like it or not, globalisation the free market and fossil fuels are the forces that will do most to deliver rising living standards for the world’s poorest”

ok so globalisation the free market = capitalism has done what for the worlds poor? created the largest divide between people and capital, or put locally can a young person get a house? no. The Sun are on a different wavelength to the rest of us. Globalisation spreads equality to the third world, the equality to be exploited like the working poor in the rest of the world. globalisation the free market has done LESS for the worlds poor than Band Aid and that was a sticking plaster. Capitalisms addiction to fossel fuel means that third world countries will find them self at war for oil with rich nations. Stick to big brother house coverage, its what your good at in the Sun, leave world climate debate and the economy to the people who know and care.