Happy Birthday 2 Paddy & BH

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BBC Broadcasting House at 75

The first transmission from the BBC’s Broadcasting House, at Portland Place in central London, took place on 15 March 1932. To mark the occasion, the BBC website has published Photo journal: Broadcasting House at 75.

The early, anonymous announcers would eventually be replaced by personalities.In 1978, DJ Paul Gambaccini was preparing for a show in Broadcasting House when he thought Radio 1 had broken down.

“David ‘Kid’ Jensen was playing Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights for the first time,” he recalls.

“It hit the part where it slows down and I thought his turntable was running out of power, and I’ve got to get ready to take over.

“Of course then she resumed normal vocal service.”

Nowadays the radio 4 programme ‘Broadcasting House‘ is presented by Paddy O’Connell whos b’day was mar 11th.

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