I want service… not snow

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Sky Ireland are now banner advertising their offering as being better than snow like reception of terrestrial TV in Ireland [flash banner ad not available]. it makes my blood boil. not that sky make such a claim, but that there exists a playing field that lets them claim it.

doesn’t it seem a bit rich, that RTÉ will continue to encrypt its signal via the Sky platform to the astra 2D footprint while all other public service broadcasters (PSB) have entered the world of free to air television (FTA).

the ultimate insult will be if these adverts turn up on the RTÉ website, as RTÉ has been known to show the adverts of Sky. yes its snow, vhf & uhf and I have pointed this out here on this blog.

let me put it in very clear and stark terms
100’s of thousands of Irish people are funding RTÉ and ALSO pay to see 16:9 DVB signal from sky where a perfectly good FTA option is available to RTÉ, and they also watch adverts on this triple tax platform. While we can watch digital free to air and COMMERCIAL FREE television from the BBC.

RTE supports FTA as does its audience council [1]
Dempsey says he supports FTA [read about DTT]
Fianna Fail claim to support FTA [FAI games]

unlike for ansbacher man – FTA does not mean foreign tax avoidance. I pay tax, I support PSBs, I pay my licence fee, I want service… not snow. I know where to get it, and how for get it, and I know who is not offering it and why. I also know who can end this cosy deal.

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