birthday fake

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thanks to everyone on my skype contact list that took time out to wish me a happy birthday. my birthday is in October and 05/02/’69 was a fake b’day to avoid making ID theft really easy. Now I know who my teck geek friends are – thanks. strange, some mac users might even have gotten a msg / attachment from me “that I didn’t send” that looked like a box with ribbons… very odd.

time to blow them out íííííííííííííí

“for he’s a lying bastard” x 3 “and so say all of us”

btw followers of BHG fashion may see a diversion in blog postings over the next 16 weeks, really personal, non tech non political posting may end up at

does having 17 blogs dilute you? yes, like the ice rink with the plug out, a post liquidation sale.

Categorized as fake news