I need a holiday

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no posts mad busy. RTE 2 FTA online petition has 74 signatures! why? read this
back from cork. i’ll review that trip later. March 8th BBC4 this looks good; Al Franken on Storyville.

added a post to the ultra personal blog here briangreene.wordpress.com

Graham penned this “top up the kitty for kats big break” over here on musictipping.com where I have already paid ? £15 quid ? or so…. kat is on myspace here

you go away for 1.5 days and the productivity business gets via email is that is all there for you when you get back..

todo list how-are-ya. Oh and thanks to d. I just acquired 60 of my favourite CD genre the SAMPLER CD, months of fun there.

I might be upgrading my phone to an XDA Mini, watch this space.