happy birthday twitter

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Twitter has only been launched publicly for about half a year but
the idea took life March, 13 2006 so we’re going to be celebrating
our first birthday

if you can guess where it is in a year from now good luck to ya. the feedburner twitter feed is frozen back to jan’07. while opera mini wont read my burnt feed off this blog past a certain date. some times I hate cache some time i love it (like google & MSN cache that saved me blushes last night) and some times I just love cash loads of it (johnny cash that is).


some of my life long friends i met on CB radio ’82 – ’86, some of them my own age many 10-15 years my senior. no matter what Maggie Thatcher said – you can’t kill community nor its best social attributes. digital social network before twitter has lacked immediacy, now we can social mix at the near speed of a ping packet…! bring it on. ideas flow faster in this river of life.

[there is a down side which I will write about next week ;] twitter id: mmbhg