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it was a busy week. 5 sales meetings 1 public speaking engagement (and slides) 1 branch agregate and a radio interview. I think i produced a 3 hour podcast as well. Bar a repeat post this blog here was ignored but I was also less vocal on twitter where I said the following. [btw will minicall pagers be replaced by twitter like services or did sms do that already ?]

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listening to China radio international; 7.2 million cars sold in china last year. 380k cars/trucks were exported. about 10 hours ago from web
since i woke at 5pm i have been feeling crap; just seeded control of tv to F in law ;-] about 11 hours ago from web

the week was so g00d it hurtz; good 4 me, bad 4 iraqi’s & VT campus; boomtownrats i dont like mondays; the whole day down … — … about 16 hours ago from web
Going on air soon dublins annalivia 103.2FM about 23 hours ago from txt

auld twitter needs benchmarking more than the Irish Nurses Organisation; last post clocked 54 wallclock secs; slow down zz off to 11:50 PM April 19, 2007 from web
im on radio at 1pm Friday talking podcasting with Alex Gibson 103.2FM 11:43 PM April 19, 2007 from web
Podcasting, RSS and Blogging: how to make new media work for your business – IIA PODCAST 11:42 PM April 19, 2007 from web
EBU all speakers… and slides 11:40 PM April 19, 2007 from web
EBU Radio Assembly; Dublin today; Guido Baumhauer DW radio; Podcasting: a little step for users, a giant leap for Radio; 11:37 PM April 19, 2007 from web
i saw the crescent & saw the whole of the International Space Station fly by at ~21:40; there is better space hardware than IIS, spies’r’us 11:22 PM April 19, 2007 from web
@conn yes tweets are free to get. 12:17 PM April 19, 2007 from web in reply to conn
@conn you keep your friends and change names cool. have you see yourself on the DMA video reel from City Channel? i have an MP4 of it 120MB 12:15 PM April 19, 2007 from web in reply to conn
why dont people at conference use the bleedin roaming microphone, makes for more work for us p’casters. cutting the iia/mi conf from yes’day 10:40 AM April 19, 2007 from web
post: CD from Belfast bought direct from artist.… the Down EP going out to @deekdeekster whos down 10:39 AM April 19, 2007 from web
Waking up to is great. Phantom should go on DRM on shortwave to europe. Best music in town all day all night. FM 105.2 in dublin 08:37 AM April 19, 2007 from txt
@redmum said today dont blog when drunk, so i wont ill twitter and call it being “well on” and more out of my standing needing sleep 11:33 PM April 18, 2007 from web in reply to redmum
first MSG over IM with offspring: “I am finished all my homework if you want to see it I hope its not wrong”says VAN; after dinner says BHG 06:56 PM April 18, 2007 from web
saying a big HELLO & HOLA to eleanor mcevoy in BilBao; enjoy the sun & gigs & flickr 06:55 PM April 18, 2007 from web
having an IM conversation with my eldest daughter aged 10, she discovered that gtalk busy does not mean busy, does NO mean NO anymore? 06:52 PM April 18, 2007 from web
rumor that the Twin Bro is joining twitter, im gonna bomb^bard him with 3 txts 🙂 @dojodub “Get a Life Get a MiniCall” (or 1960’s MiniTel) 05:54 PM April 18, 2007 from web

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