campaigning for change

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9 days to smoke free work in Northern Ireland; are ya ready? on a different subject but related to adverts, there is an increase in southern ireland government departments use of the airwaves in the run up to the election, these are not adverts for the ministers or the party in power but odd that these ads hit screens NOW isn’t it. So 5 weeks before an election is the best time to start a campaign to say just how well policy is progressing. most of these adverts are health related, and our taxes pay for the HSE to advertise. type of advert in poster format. MRSA was discovered in 1961, are our hands more dirty now? is MRSA a hospital-associated infection, or does it come from dirty public transport? what about the “search and destroy” strategy as we know MRSA *is* in the hospitals.

this is like preparing a country for war. look bogey man.

advert > fear > solution > policy acceptance gain > vote getter

insult is we pay for it.