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My contribution was made today to the gov forum. it closed 8 minutes later.

Topic:  	digital shortwave DRM from Ireland to europe (Max 50 characters)

Body: 	as a radio producer & podcaster I would like to support the calls for
digital shortwave service from ireland.
I had a special edition of my podcast dedicated to the subject and I offer a

link to this podcast recording as evidence of the interest and passion that there

is about this subject. The DRM ireland piece is at about 7 mins in, and last

30 mins. I hope you get to hear it.

I also would in general like to ask that policy is made for

citizens and NOT consumers, as the word consumer is neither on

my passport or birth cert.

many thanks.

Name: 	Brian Green << typo in the gov system
Created: 	26/01/2007 11:52:29