CIX of the best

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PodRepBod moved today (well its server did) from Dublin to Cork(guess!). Thanks to Tom Raftery who hosts it. Tom moved servers in a very public way today and recently, and I will not be drawn to comment on that round of exchanges for reasons best known to Tom & Michele and its nothing to do with PodRepBod or even doop’s business with Blacknight or because I think Tom is a good guy that gets a hard time of it in the spheres he grooves in.

So Tom has moved to CIX and I wish him best there, tongue firmly in cheek, I hope he gives CIX as hard a time he has given all irish host ISPs in his pursuit for better service over the years. We Irish don’t complain enough, then comes one guy who can, and he gets jumped on 🙂 x LOL

So before you reach for the cix bags, I will post an “I love michele” post real soon.

so best o luck to CIX…. following in the footsteps of peoples republic of cork, its like when 2RN got a little sister in 1927 in the shape of 6CK