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Chelsea FC have become the first football club to team up with youtube, their chelsea TV is putting daily news on youtube. my review, a 1 minute piece to camera from studio is a tiny slice of what a TV station should be able to put to YT each day. The camera stayed in the studio, so if you already know what the presenter looks like (a photo could help) then it may as well not be on YouTube. The content is a news headlines report from presenter sitting on the studio floor. the content is not even worthy of radio or podcast, you might as well ship this content to premium phone club call services as the only people that will hear it there are the worlds saddest fans. The breaking news of the day the eve of the FA Cup fifth round tie was the club denying something muted my fans in the clubs forum…! shocking… where are the multi billions worth of footie players, goal mouth action, training ground footage, locker room talk, fans vox pop, or an inside tour (cribs like) of the owners yacht. i see sky involved, if its like their brush with podcasting in 2005 expect a retreat before an advance.

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official guff reads like this

The branded Channel will have the same look and feel as the recently redesigned Chelsea website,, representing the latest landmark in Chelsea’s multi-media platform strategy.

Content will be provided by Chelsea Digital Media, the joint venture subsidiary owned by Chelsea and Sky, which runs Chelsea TV and