birthday fake

thanks to everyone on my skype contact list that took time out to wish me a happy birthday. my birthday is in October and 05/02/’69 was a fake b’day to avoid making ID theft really easy. Now I know who my teck geek friends are – thanks. strange, some mac users might even have gotten…

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you guys make the mafia look like fucking monks [part 2]

reported in the examiner today. Former Tánaiste and Progressive Democrats founder Des O’Malley yesterday recalled how a FF TD was attacked and beaten by party colleagues for daring to challenge Mr Haughey’s leadership. … It was a perceptible atmosphere within Leinster House. And a thing happened that a lot of people nowadays would tell you…

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Fly the flag?

By Andrew Calleja National identity and what it means to be Australian has again become a hot discussion topic leading into this weekend Big Day Out concerts in Sydney and Melbourne. Reacting to reports that some patrons had used the Australian flag as a ‘weapon’ of hate at the 2006 Sydney BDO, organizers encouraged…

life on mars

life on mars (series 2) starts february 13th moving from mondays to tuesdays. series 1 x 8 was watched on a video iPod. never seen by me on TV, the dvd came out 04/10/06 but no one bought it for me birthday 2 days later or  for xmas.

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Rick O’Shea Bowing

from eleanor mcevoys podcast#3 “there’s a technique in classical violin called Ricochet bowing” example idea stolen from Beautifully Mad [myspace] [pic]

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radio sounds better in the dark

tonight 8-10pm 103.2Mega Hertz per second; DCAL reads the RDS;  you listen. they say “Brother Emmet Hand, Sister Ali Hand along with contributors such as Bootsy (the vinyl junky) host this weekly show on Anna Livia 103.2 fm. Without putting ourselves in a box, the music policy is modern urban music, with its roots in…

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MTV gives youtube the sack reports For the second time in four months, Viacom has demanded that the video-sharing site remove all content from its networks, including MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, VH1, CMT, Spike TV and BET, an estimated 100,000 clips total, after licensing talks broke down. see also will youtube give mtv the sack (25/1)