what was on TV/radio the day I was born

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[from BBC] 24 HOURS – Report on problems facing unmarried women with elderly dependents.
PANORAMA – # Sino-Soviet relations.
# Zbigniew BRZEZINSKI, Director, Research Institute Communist Affairs, talks about present Sino-Soviet relations. band plays “Red Flag”
# Robin DAY talks to Edward HEATH on the eve of the Conservative party conference
TWENTIETH CENTURY FOCUS – Schools and Colleges prog looking at scientific inventions. This prog looks at the development of chemical and biological weapons.
Beatles Gorge Best Robin Day Mao Tse-tung Valerie SINGLETON, John NOAKES and Peter PURVES.(blue peter, they were still there 10 years later)
MERRY-GO-ROUND – Schools’ series for younger children, presented by Richard CARPENTER. This week’s programme looks at how telephones work, and the increasing role they play in everyday life.