what if Buzby could Skype? (soundz that you wanna hear)

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[7:30pm Sounds] I’m in Baldoyle, I can hear an ice cream van in Donaghmede (because the airplane’s are quite) now I hear garda siren, dogs barking a North bound train to Malahide, a car door, birds singing, pencil scratching paper (child’s home work), I hear silence, not for long, a car revs. gear change it gets closer, turns away, its gone. more birds, now the usual sound of airline coming into land. It beats the day time sound of ripping up the racecourse green belt in the name of unaffordable housing, one small comfort, the price Frank Dunlop got for the land, a couple of 100 million less than what its now costing but not worth.

Back to sound, in a bizarre way, and there is a science name for this (when a trains horn blows and the sound is moving: doppler effect see below) well the ice cream van jingle sounds like tubular bells, no not actual tubular bells but Mile Oldfield’s Tubular Bells aka the exorcist music, obviously it isn’t that track or all the kidz in D5 & D13 would be off the street but that’s what air does to sound, allows it to carry, but allows it to reshape also.

Still on sound, and birds, and dawn chorus. Birds in Baldoyle chirping,,,, my window open and I on Skype to Spain with … birds chirping… now skype has far Superior sound over land line, equal to near CD quality.. What if…. (cue Simon Delaney) “Wot If” we amplify the Spanish birds and play them to the Irish Birds and vice versa? would they understand each other, would they discuss aviation trends such as low fares and the flu virus?

doppler effect: The Doppler Effect is the property of proximity to energy wave sources that make the waves shorten in wavelength when you travel toward the source of the waves and lengthen as you pass away from it. The faster the observer and the source part or approach, the greater change in wavelength thus the greater the change in color of light or pitch in sound.