Too Much Too Young

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not being subscribed to the pay to view or subscription TV channels, I from time to time actually see music videos on music television! from B4, Vault, Channel M, just FAB all@28E Flux @42e & 12.5W and MTV italia @ 16E. yesterday while watching Vault on a flick around I saw the Specials from ’80 with ‘Too Much Too Young’. what a joy to see such an old vid on the box, of course I could just dial it up on youtube and see it there when ever I want, but when its broadcasting. i am not supposed to choose the tracks but lean back (technology) and enjoy the stream of someone elses choice.

The Specials were followed by Blinda Carlisle – ‘heaven is a place on earth’ and while such sugary US pop seemed unusual segue from a brit SKA band on the post punk era, there are connections between Coventry’s Specials and Hollywood born Belinda Carlisle. No the specials were never on the cover of PlayBoy (they were on a few music press covers) but Carlisle and fellow Go Go’s band members sang backing vocals on the Specials second album More Specials.

The Go Gos were on Stiff Records and toured the UK with band stable mates Madness whos first single The Prince was on the specials label 2Tone. Go Gos also toured with the Specials in the USA. in 1981 Go Gos released ‘Our Lips are Sealed‘ written by Specials front man Terry Hall and Go Gos Jane Wiedlin. Hall went on to record the tune with his band the Fun Boy Three a year later.