the Leb keeps Iraq off the news

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50 killed in Baghdad in one incident today – [voa reports] Iraqi hospital officials say gunmen have killed at least 50 people and wounded scores of others at an open air market south of Baghdad.Authorities say a large group of attackers first fired mortars and then stormed the market in Mahmoudiya, firing automatic weapons and throwing grenades.— 3 US soldiers died in iraq 17/7 bringing the total US soldiers to die in iraq conflict to 2552.

105 Bush’s comments are caught on micmade it to second highest story on rte aertel, while the Baghdad story slipped away or was never there.

also in todays news, the killers of Brazilian electrician Jean Charles de Menezes are not to go on trial, while the investigation finds that a case for Mr. de Menezes can be taken under Health & Safety, every time I try that in Ireland I learn that the is only possible in the workplace, as de Menezes was not a spark on the tube nor the police that killed him his colleagues, I cant see how that will work……. funny old day, work ended at 3am off tomorrow … — …

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