things that worry me

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that the Irish Justice Dept. thinks Extraordinary Renditions are songs on ‘Your A Star’.
ER has no sponsor on RTE1 on sundays. [George Lee where are you to explain the down turn in Ad spend]
iTunes music store does not stock Teenage Kicks by the Undertones, what would John Peel say.
the Bush administration. [i must listen to less]
why iran needs nuclear power when it has so much oil, and Europe’s need to stop it.
Bertie Ahern’s leg injury, or is it DVT from frequent flying.
why Irish people pay Sky to deliver RTE TV. [if Dempsey cant make peace with SKY & RTE over Ryder Cup, why does he allow our national broadcasters to pay NDS charges to Sky when ITV & BBC don’t by being FTA ]
The boss of GAMA Ireland wants to get elected to Dublin Chamber of Commerce.? class action! indeed
that Mary Harney might tell the hospitals that the next cleanliness inspection is in early FEB ’06. [which day Mary, go on tell us, we’ll wash the dishes that day!]
Google Earth has more Northsiders scanned than Southsiders.
Windscale fires from Sellafield; the United Nations and the EU.
why aid has not reached Pakistan, Sri Lanka, US Gulf coast months after disasters.
House Prices in Ireland
having to find time to blog about all the above -ends-

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