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RTE has a aertel page that explains wide screen, on pg 192. [they should have used the unused pg 169 aka 16:9 ah well] what I don’t get is WHY cant I get RTE on Digital Satellite for free, I have a licence, I have had one since 1993, I don’t have $ky, dont want it, but do have Digital Satellite in several rooms. If Minister Dempsey can designate sport to be FTA then he should make RTE FTA on 28°East. Perhaps this could become an election issue. I live in the Dublin area and indoor reception of TV signal is impossible, outdoor is 90-100% and picture is aspect ratio 14:9. I live in a cable area but gave up on it after 50% price hike inside 1 year, sanctioned by ComReg with only about 75 observations. I live outside or on the border of terrestrial UK reception where I would need 40′ antenna of roof top to get decent signal. So I ask again why has RTE been allowed to enter an agreement that has our National TV on digital satellite encrypted by the key holder BSkyB to their paid up customers only. I don’t want a partial fix of FreeView cards for Ireland, I want my National service which I fund, off the encryption system that BSkyB provide for free to RTE to prevent FTA viewers inside the footprint of Astra 2D see Digital RTE TV.

Noel Dempsey, Fianna Fail, RTE (their Board and Audience Council) and ComReg are you able to interfere with The Ryder Cup and not with RTE on Sky. At the moment I am funding a 16:9 wide screen digital format for subscribers of Sky, while I see scratchy 14:9.

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