terrorists in de skys

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disguised, unchecked by security in the UK or Ireland planes land and take on fuel and take off again, their payload is bombs (and other equipment of war) their target; bridges roads hospitals schools houses. Made in the USA, exploded in Iraq Afghanistan Lebanon. This is a one sided message. Sometimes the simple truth is simple, 100’s of millions of frequent flyer’s will have their travel comforts disrupted from here on in while plane loads of weapons fly unhindered through our skies, unchecked with zero interest from governments willing to turn a blind eye. My child’s comfort & cuddly toy can’t travel with one loving owner, but the war machine makes warports of our airports to go on to bomb children (and others) in the name of the country of origin. It is time stop wishing for peace or asking for it to happen, its time to make it happen. do something.