wwwashing machines live longer with teflon

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my washing machine is older than the world wide web, and it has seen more clothes changes than a pop video. bought when we moved into our first house (note to Bertie, second hand houses cost minimum 42K in the baldoyle racecourse catchment area in 1993, in case he needs that statistic in the next few days, half a million in today’s terms)

back to washing laundry (in a public blog). this week or all last week the washing was going on the line dripping wet as after 13 years the spin cycle on our hotpoint machine is knackered (after nine years of Fianna Fail Government their spin cycle is also having difficulties revolving).

New Machine? Well that’s what we thought, a few years ago the door handle snapped off, but for 8 quid on the long mile road we replaced the one broken handle for two, a brown & a white. For 8 quid on the long mile you can buy a lot of things!.

Anyways it turns out that one of the kiddies had pressed the spin delay button on the old 93 D washing machine, and in fact all is working well again (seems some disgruntled donor kebab pressed governments spin delay button and the drip drip drool effect is watering the lawns of north county dublin)

So, delighted that the teflon hotpoint is going to continue working into its second millennium and beyond, what should a teflon taoiseach do? look up every tree in North County Dublin? draw a line in the sand after painting the gaffe? or like the washing, let it all hang out (to dry) after coming clean. washing machines live longer with teflon.

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