Sandi Thom #2

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Sandi Thom is giving my blog a 40% spike in traffic and 30% of key word searches are for her latest single. People want lyrics, come on, I can understand needing hiphop lyrics but “I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair” is not that difficult to self transcribe. Also people are looking for free copies of the track. If its ever deleted, come back to me but for now its on sale try iTunes here for 99c/79p. And speaking of sales it hit #2 in the UK held off top spot by the unshifting Gnarl_s Barkle_y – ‘crazy’ which is 9 weeks at the top (mis spelled to avoid in bound links – this blog is over optimized for its own good). btw watch this climber – Narina Pallot ‘everybodys gone to war’ up 23 to 14.