ruth scott jacobs award

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will ruth scott every get a jacobs award? I hope so, first things first, I cant listen to her show on the radio, It drives me mad. Its not that she’s all that bad,, and there are somethings about pop radio DJing she still gets muddled on, crashing & reading, but Im no expert. In fact lets be honest Ruth has gone further than I ever will, and further than most. And how did this happen? because she works so darn hard at it. She should get the award (jacobs radio) for exactly the same reason I can’t listen, she tries too hard / works too hard at it. Somebody please give Ruth an assignment other that daytime spinning between lunch n tea. Case Study:- someone who I could not stand listening to on the radio was Carrie Crowley [snapshots] then someone gave her a role that she was able to make her own, in an obscure weekend slot albeit, but hey look at 2fm on a saturday afternoon, its what you make of it. Ruth has the 14th biggest radio show in Ireland and the slots not prime time and it draws in 177,000 listeners, that is more pulling power than the national championships, this girl has real radio talent that i for one feel is wasted playing scissor sistersĀ  and talking tabloid gossip shite.

Categorized as radio