are you think-in what I’m think-in?

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how to resuscitate a blue shirt ideology; how to give a life line to FG; how to make Enda Taoiseach; on opposite sides in the Spanish civil war, now i’m think-in send the defibrillator from Sligo to Monaghan; but the 2500 there last night know what the 1000’s in Rossport know FG-Lab think-ins are power trips for the worst opposition ever. NINE years on the benches and not much to remember, remember the time the opposition scored a major blow against the government? no I don’t, its time to call them the ‘official’ (and drop the word opposition), they disrespect the word opposition, they have (fg/lab) operated a virtual tallaght strategy on the PD led FF govt… and now the ad men want to make these guys sound (d)electable, please do not insult our memories or intelligence.

Categorized as politics