Pop Music Lyrics Quiz

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without search engine see how many you can get.

for clues, see this page. answers by way of comment. have fun – pass it on.

[1] “I hear her voice Calling my name The sound is deep In the dark”

[2] “Put on your noseguard Hit on the Lifeguard Pass the tanning butter”

[3] “Only came outside to watch night fall with the rain
I heard you making patterns rhyme like
Some new romantic looking for the TV sound
I’ll see you’re right some other time love”

[4] “You’ve got your nuclear boots
And your drip dry gloves
And when you bite your lip
It’s some reaction to love”

[5] “I don’t want to spend my time in hell
Looking at the walls of a prison cell
I don’t ever want to play the part
Of a statistic on a government chart”

[6] “You start a conversation you can’t even finish it.
You’re talkin’ a lot, but you’re not sayin’ anything.”

[7] “Floating pass the evidence of possibilities.
We could navigate together,psychic frequencies.
Coming into contact with outer entities.
We could entertain each one with our theosophies.”

[8] “You never give your heart to a stranger
or tell your secrets to a friend
you’ll put your heart in mortal danger
they all desert you in the end”

[9] “Ooh, it gets dark! It gets lonely,
On the other side from you.
I pine a lot. I find the lot
Falls through without you.”

[10] “My love always going to be with you,
Until the day comes down,
The man is on the radio,
This is station planet Earth, we’re closing down”

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