2 Bobs & Dalymount Park

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six days after bobby sands died, I was sad to learn of the death of Bob Marley. I thought it was fitting to have lots of black flags in the areas of my city where Marleys name was most sprayed or painted on the walls. Marley played Dalymount Park Dublin 10 months before he died in july 1980. Dalymount park is to be sold, we are told this week for €50million to make way for more ‘fucking’ apartments. that is not progress. In 1959 Dalymount’s place in soccer’s history book was assured as the stadium has the distinction of hosting the first ever match played in the European Championship. On April 5th, 1959, The Republic of Ireland played host to Czechoslovakia. Ireland won 2-0 with Liam Tuohy scoring the first ever goal in the history of the European Championship. [i wish I could spend more time on this one – sorry for the bad language but I’m angered] in 1981 I was 11, they were darker days in Ireland, a snap shot of which could be seen on RTE footage of 70’s/80’s politician Michael O’Leary who died in France today. I am a lot less republican now. I still like bob marley, 9 months before Marley played Dalymount was when I saw my first Irish soccer international on 29/10/1979 when we beat USA 3-2 in the same stadium, and my 3 last big fundraisers have been in Dalymount which was recently re fitted, and yes I played Marley there also. What has become of the Dalymount Trust ?

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