music has a DNA

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music has a DNA, and each songs fingerprint has a footprint that it has reached out to. last Saturday night I played a song at a 40th birthday party, I should not have played it. Why?
it is rarely known song
its a personal favourite
you wont dance to it
nobody asked for it
I rescued it from a skip where a jukebox company dumped it…
But it was buffet supper time and I said feck it, play it, and on bar two of the intro a punter stands up at their table and shouts “the lookalikes”? – “can I take you home tonight”? 🙂 the question marks mark the disbelief/surprise they must have felt in hearing it, and the smiley denotes the glee and excitement expressed.

at another 80’s grove night gig I played recently, I awarded a bottle of brandy to the best requested song I did not have that night, “All is yellow hot hot hot” by Auto da fe. Mainstream media may have forgotten gems of our past, but their old listeners haven’t, and these listeners are all mine, welcome to my future podcasts…..

music is a wonderful thing, commerce makes it a consumable disposable product, artists should do more to resist the greedy hand that feeds. I don’t want artists to starve, but there are other ways. is one such arena that allows music to live. I have been checking out whats on offer, and there are not enough weeks in the year or years in my remaining life to get to all on offer, so we need to rely on what wireless (radio folk) voices used to do, tip their broadcasting hat towards a good tune / artist. here is my first Myspace / Indie tip sheet offering in the Blogosphere.

1 Sandi Thom
2 Seth Lakeman
3 a decade behind
4 joy williams
5 April Walker
6 a boy called doris
7 Carmina[not myspace]

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