Mary ‘hang them out to die’ Harney

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At the PDs conference Leader Mary Harney said “We strongly support the sale of Great Southern Hotels and Aer Lingus. We`ll allow them to blossom in the full freedom of the open sun but our opponents would keep them in the shade and feed them fertiliser.” does she not mean that the PDs would let them ‘blister in the sun’, she’ll hang em out to die in the crazy casino that is the corruption of capitalism. The Shade & Fertiliser is called the Mushroom Theory, Miss Harney does not leave much-room in her mouth to mince her words, we are clear here what she wants, more Gama & Irish Ferries racing to the bottom or the arse hole of everywhere to exploit a profit.

Its bare and ugly and not a pretty sight, the PDs gloves are off and the naked truth of their agenda of the neo liberal is plain to see and is no longer dressed up or even scantly clad. Capitalism is in its altogether, and ‘if you tolerate this….’ what we need is a ten point plan to remove the PDs, a seven seater deregulated taxi is required, who’ll drive?

Categorized as politics