Eircom seeks state support

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private company wants state to help it reach 100% broadband in Ireland, the company should discuss with the govt. the following. Does Eircom run a telephone service for the citizens of ROI, or do they sell a commodity on the open market? then the Govt. should buy back eircom and invest in its infrastructure, as the Govt has already established a fibre backbone ring since selling off Telecom Eireann.

The Telecom Eireann sale is getting a lot of focus now that the FF PD led Govt. are selling off Aer Lingus. I know there is no need to sell off the state airline, it is pure ideology and corruption that is driving it.

from the Dail yesterday: Joe Higgins of the Socialist Party said the Government would be in the company of sharks, and that the sale would be one of the most outstanding acts of economic treachery in the history of the State.

He said Fianna Fáil backbenchers had failed to protest the sell-off of the airline, and that if the voters of north Dublin had sent cabbage heads to occupy the benches in the Dáil they would get better representation.

Mr Ahern said he disagreed with practically everything Deputy Higgins said.

The FF PD Moore McDowell argument is like the TV advert tag line “because we’re worth it”, well Aer lingus is worth a lot more, how can one sell an airline with such turnover & staff and slots and good will for the cost on 3 and a half new aeroplanes. Im not buying that argument that they need the money.. would you sell your house to pay for a new suite of furniture??? come off it, stop kidding yourself bertie etal, The workers of the company and there family’s neighbours and friends in and around the airports will send a message to FF back benchers sooner rather that later… back off, stop the sale .. invest in an Irish owned company “because you can” and don’t you know it.