CD lost & found

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Eureka. I just found a missing CD, I hate to have the empty box of a
CD, it is so lonely with out its CD. Lost for a Period of over a year
was Christy Moore – Ordinary Man. Found today in the CD single box of
Christy Moore ‘So do I’ 🙂 once I lost a CD for 6 months, I lent a CD
player to a friend, not knowing that the Indigo Girls 4.5? Album was
inside the player, the player returned half a year later with the CD
inside… Other CDs have not been so lucky…. on the upside a couple
of percent of my collection was not purchased by me, some how I have
acquired it, all legal but, mostly very moral, some are their by
accident. Open invitation to friends of mine:- if you are doing a
reconciliation on your collection and think I may have something of
yours, shout up now or whenever in the future.