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I don’t get it, well I do I get, that its not aimed at me. these people are 20 years younger than me. I don’t understand the friends thing, do you collect them or something?

When I was 15, i met my friends set up pirate radio stations and made tapes of TOTPs (ok Top of The Pops) this ross n rach world of dinner parties for 16 year olds is fascinating to watch and terrifying also, this is the ugly side of over consumption, post celtic tiger belly ache. I never thought I would say it but the old still don’t understand the young, nor do I understand why 130% mortgages[1] do not spark revolution…

Back to bebo.. the messaging in wafer thin, no its thinner than that, is rice paper thin with comments spanning 3 lines being long. and the context and prose of the chat is as hollow as the relationships the comment purport to represent.

There is a serious socio-economic divide in the user base of the site. there are the haves and the have not used bebo yet. socio economic is PC for class divide, has broadband not hit working class Ireland yet? or are working class kidz not bothered to eFlirt? the blog tool sucks, the flash tool is gud, shit now i’m txt’ing like dem. there is a nice feature called ‘Cancel Membership’ hmmm…

john breslin blogs that Bebo Blocked from NUI Galway Network

Schools and colleges online social networking site Bebo has been blocked from student use on the NUI Galway campus network. The virally addictive site, which has over 2,500 registered users in the NUI Galway group alone, was blocked due to overusage by students resulting in computers being unavailable for academic purposes.

Piaras Kelly PR blogs

Despite numerous invitations from friends, I still haven’t managed to get around to setting up my own Bebo page. However this weekend, I did actually manage to make it to the website in order to see what all the fuss was about. It didn’t take long though to see that Bebo is going to get some negative Irish media coverage when the press finally put two and two together, figure out that it is hugely popular and claim that it’s a tool for paedophiles to target unknowing teens.

bebo is big, it is over hyped, and not as important as it is big. “youth is wasted on the young” – George Bernard Shaw.

[1] A mortgage French for “dead pledge” – well you might be dead by the time your kids salaries are starting to pay it off.