William Martin Murphy tactics revisited

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GAMA managers have taken 230 striking workers off their payroll and are trying to starve them into submission.

The workers, who held a protest march yesterday afternoon to the Turkish firm?s headquarters in Santry, Dublin, said they have not received food yesterday and were also being threatened with eviction from their accommodation.

Socialist Party leader Joe Higgins, who is campaigning for the Turkish men, accused GAMA of ?vindictive bullying.? ?This brutal attempt to try and force workers into submission is reminiscent of the tactics of William Martin Murphy and the ruthless Dublin employers when they tried to break trade unionism in the 1913 Lockout.

?Gama has already vindictively said it is sacking over 230 workers who are on a work stoppage for the past three weeks. Disgracefully, Gama has also threatened to evict workers from their accommodation.”