Time please, ladies and gentlemen

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just got a nice note from the guys at www.irishblogs.ie/ who are listing irish blogs as they publish, nice one!. It reminds me that I don?t have a blog roll (or bog roll, must go to lidl on me way home) I don?t have track backs and dont have comments turned on all that often (comments on for this). Is it a blog is it a diary, what is a blog anyways?

If I had time to think about it I would re wire the electrics of my office coz that would be more useful use of my time. Started podcast listening with a view to casting myself! once again the net has given a name and a space to something I have always done, I wrote personal essays 10 year ago and ftp’ed them to a personal site, to me that?s me blog today with CMS to make it easy on the upload. Now podcasting gives it name to something I’ve done on air and online for 18+ years, rant and play music to whom ever wants to listen.

Sadly its 22 months since my last webcast 🙂 really I can?t use my business/hectic life as an excuse any longer, I need to take stock of time usage and time loss to other projects, and reflect more on the things I miss.

I just emptied my house and sold it, about 100 liters of paper (wheelie bin counting) of old memories of life before email, when time moved slower, life at the speed of a Gestetner I want that speed again, not the speed of spam we now have. People ruled the world at slower speeds, just because life is fast does not mean more things get done.

This is my declaration, My irregular radio show will be more frequent and still irregular, it may very well be in rss 2.0 and change formats from real to mp3 as my XDA real player is buggy. I think I?ll cancel the DRM project for the moment, with that I wont blog till Monday (unless something moves) as I?m off to Irelands nicest palindrome Navan for the annual conference of the Socialist Party,
Sln Comrades