The wallpaper is pealing

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News is up; todays JNLR results show that newzy progs are on the up in figure terms, something the podshows wont dent for along time.

2FM’s Gerry Ryan has lost 40,000 listeners, while Marian Finucance and Pat Kenny have also lost some of their audience. Liveline’s audience has also fallen by 20,000.

Ryan Kenny Finucance listeners are not your normal iPod audience so where have the 100K+ RTE radio listeners gone to? Talk is cheap, and perhaps its flavour is not in fashion.

The survey results demonstrated that 86% of the adult population were listening daily to a mix of national, regional and local radio throughout the country. Willie O’Reilly of Today FM told News2 that they are contending with an audience that have iPods, he’s right, but rather than contending with these me me me listeners, Willie should and Willie will embrace them.

The biggest climber in the figures is Ray D’arcy, and he trades his fortune on the format that has anonymity via txt for punchy fun, as does NewsTalk’s Sean Moncrieff. Oh yeah, and the iPod can’t send txts yet!

Skip back to that 86%. Its climbing.. and still the largest in Europe. We love to talk, we also love to listen to the wireless, well day time TV, Video, DVD and the internet ain’t killing radio. Radio is killing radio. Over formatting is killing radio. look at the winners in the JNLR, weekends! yes the graveyard of scheduling, its gaining massively on its richer weekday, why? guess the formatting is way more flexible. Who else is winning? the guys that have the power to chuck the rule book out the studio window.

so (some) figures up close

National Weekday Reach
Any Regional/Local 55% (-1)
RTÉ Radio 1 26% (-1)
RTÉ 2FM 22% (-2)
Today FM 16% (+2)
RTÉ Lyric FM 3% (Same)

Only one winner! Today FM

Dublin Weekday Share
RTÉ Radio 1 33.2% (-0.8)
FM104 13.9% (-1.1)
98FM 11.2% (-4.8)
RTÉ 2FM 11% (Same)
Q102 9.1% (+3.1)
Today FM 6.8% (+0.8)
Spin 1038 4.3% (+1.3)
NewsTalk 106FM 3.8% (+0.8)
Country 106.8 FM 3% (+1)
RTÉ Lyric FM 2.6% (+0.6)

look at Q102 – 98FM must be bricking it!

As a single listener my (broadcast) radio listening has dropped about 10 hours a week, replaced by podshows, my TV viewing is way up thanks to a DVB card, and by blog posting count is down but not out, now if only I could podcast more.