skip hunters of the world

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I’ve just gone through a maxi and standard sized skip in the past week filling it with household junk. In general, I have no problem with skip hunters but as Tayto says “there’s always one”.

Due to the opposite of skip hunters it is prudent to place your skip as close to ones house in eye shot for security. The opposite of skip hunters are skip tippers, the type of neighbour that is so mean they aren’t arsed to get their own skip, so you find their unwanted computers in your skip when you wake the next day. So with the skip so close to house this draws in the species I usually tolerate ‘the skip hunter’. A modern day Womble, reducing my refuse bill for free and reusing and recycling my waste for their better use. [read on]

But there’s always one, this guy with an accent that is difficult to pin down to any one area, driving a window company van, he has been back 3 times. Old drills, wire copper, records (Wham et al) that’s what he wants, and I don’t have any. “Are ya sure boss”, “yes I sure”. Yes im sure down deep inside (the skip) I have nothing he wants. But still he comes back routing for cables and stuff and unsettling the loose fly away content off the top to fly around the estate in the next gust.

I’ve managed my own waste for two years, driving to the dump, opposed to double taxation, and yes there is millions of euro dumped that could be saved from the tip head, but there needs to be a more formal way to engage these skip hunters than the current intrusive tactics of my problem hunter. Yes I want both of us to be happy with the outcome of his endeavors, but there needs to be rules of engagement, where my unwanted rubbish is not cast away in a roadside when he finds no route to market for what he has found.

Take Swap Shop & Scrap Saturday, and you get “Scrap Saturday Swap Shop” a bit like “the hill” a market on North Cumberland Street Dublin 1 (off Parnell Street) when all the crap that hasn’t been bought is left behind the council tidy up. Add a bit of car boot sale and you have a structure for the trailer pulling junkies to trade rubbish.

Its a dirty business the Govt. are doing nothing about.