Russian Sub Rescue

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some questions that this raises for me

What caused the sub to get trapped? Fishing nets or underwater antenna listening device? Or combination of both has also been reported.

was there six hours air remaining or 36 hours? was help only called in on day two of the event?

did the Russians on board the nearby ship order the UK navy to stop cutting the sub free, asking the sub to blow pressurised air out to break free?

the most detailed account I found was here

but I don’t know who to believe.

what does an underwater antenna listen to? now that atlanic 252 is gone.

Of course this is no way as cool a story than the shuttle returns story, which is getting so much more coverage than Niger Appeal is, see editorial in today’s Examiner

perhaps we need a media outlet that is so fair and balanced that it needs to trade itself with such a slogan. the kind of TV news that calls its bizness show “the cost of FREEDOM”