podcatcher on a stick

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I used to podcatch on a XDAii, then the screen cracked 🙁 Never owning an iPod (never even used one) I got a 1GB usb stick with MP3 player, DVR 2 .wav and FM radio (76-108Mhz). (Great buy BTW)

Now my problem was, I’m so mobile, laptop wifi car home work linux XP etc. I needed a podcatcher that moved with me, Its OK having the podshows move after sync, but as I was used to podcatching direct to XDA with FeederReader.com I didn’t want to go backward (like all those iPods that need a PC and 20MB of iTunes to enable a podcatch). Well Hey Presto I got it. ‘podcatcher on a stick’

‘podcatcher on a stick’ has all the basic functions to receive podcasts like the other podcatcher-software (e.g. iPodder, Nimq, …). But instead of installing the software to a personal computer, ‘podcatcher on a stick’ is installed directly on your audio-device (e.g. a MP3-USB-stick).

So far so good! stick2stick