podcasting representative body

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I have set up a list at webnet.ie called opencast@webnet.ie

The function of the list is to discuss the setting up of a representative body for Podcasters in Ireland. The list is open for anyone to join and discuss this topic.

The need exists to safe guard the activity of podcasters regards licencing, legal and a range of other issues like standards, training, hosting, product placement & sponsorship.

The body which will be formed from the list will produce an FAQ via wiki at a new domain to be announced.

If you would like to join the list details are below, if you know of any groups or individuals commercial or grass roots independent, that would benefit from the list please cross post this message in other forums or forward them this email.

to join email majordomo@webnet.ie with
subscribe opencast
in the first and only line in the body of a plain text email

regards Brian Greene.